Xerox tool calculates environmental impact of printers

BOSTON (03/25/2008) - Many businesses want to jump on the green IT bandwagon, but don't know where to start. But a new software calculator can suggest how offices can reduce the environmental impact

Published on: October 1st, 2008 Jeremy Kirk

Green technology: hype or must-have?

FRAMINGHAM (04/21/2008) - A question for the eve of Earth Day: Has "green" technology been overhyped? Scientists throughout the world who study global warming have concluded that drastic changes in human energy-consumption are

Published on: October 1st, 2008 Jon Brodkin

Catching the green wave

TORONTO (02/12/2008) - Seems like every time you turn around another 'green IT' story is hitting the newswires.Last fall Gartner predicted that by 2010 environmental issues would rank among the top five IT

Published on: October 1st, 2008 David Carey

More electronic companies going green, says Greenpeace

MANILA (04/09/2008) - While more IT companies are now taking significant steps toward going green, there is still a lot of work to do to protect the environment, says Greenpeace International, an environmental

Published on: October 1st, 2008 Jenalyn Rubio

Ontario IT industry eyes costs of e-waste proposal

TORONTO (04/01/2008) - A proposed e-waste recycling program that could see businesses paying a recycling fee for every PC and laptop they purchase may have noble intentions but it doesn't exactly offer an

Published on: October 1st, 2008 Kathleen Lau

Lenovo top, Apple bottom in green IT ranking

Greenpeace has published its latest "green ranking" of the world's biggest electronics companies and the results might surprise you.The international environmental organization placed China's Lenovo Group Ltd. at the top of the list,

Published on: October 1st, 2008 Martyn Williams

The realities of green computing

More and more lately, IT vendors trumpet their electronic-waste recycling and "takeback" programs, where manufacturers accept responsibility for the full lifecycle of goods they produce. Better yet, we're told, is the rapid trend

Published on: October 1st, 2008 Nancy Weil

IT’s not easy being green

Most large companies haven't written green criteria into their companies' buying process, according to a report by Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research Inc.Forrester surveyed 124 IT operations and procurement professionals in North America and

Published on: October 1st, 2008 Linda Rosencrance

Green IT: Popularity based on savings or moral mandate?

It's fashionable to try to turn the notion of environmentally friendly computing into a morality play.But it's more likely that eco-IT will take off because of its potential for cost savings and because

Published on: October 1st, 2008 Johanna Ambrosio

Green issues hitting IT business decisions

In a welcome change from the tide of vendor-sponsored green surveys, analyst IDC reports that IT executives' buying decisions are finally going green.The findings come from IDC's Enterprise Panel, a fully IDC-owned and

Published on: October 1st, 2008 Chris Mellor

IT’s thinking but not yet acting green

Information technology is going green. At least IT systems vendors are, with announcements of new energy-efficient servers, data center power and cooling products, and device recycling initiatives coming thick and fast these days.

Published on: October 1st, 2008 Christopher Mines

Canadian Facebook app links “virtual” garden to green behaviour

It's a unique Facebook application designed to foster a culture of conservation, and its creators are two Canadian university students. Kevin Muise and Jin Fan of Simon Fraser University in B.C. are hoping

Published on: July 18th, 2008 Nestor Arellano

Linux vanquishes Windows 2008 in “green” tests

Ensuring your servers stamp as small a carbon footprint as possible on the earth and in your data center can encompass everything from making sure they are shipped in recyclable packaging to hiring

Published on: June 16th, 2008 Tom Henderson and Rand Dvorak

Global warming responsibilities lost on the Canadian ICT sector

Energy consumption is draining the bottom line, while heating up the eco-system, according to a new IDC study on the ICT industry's impact on global warming.The report, authored by Lawrence Surtees, recommends that

Published on: May 7th, 2008 Brian Jackson