Microsoft loses market share to rivals for OS, browser

Microsoft Corp.'s Windows OS last month took its biggest market share dive in the past two years, erasing gains made in two of the past three months and sending the operating system's share

Published on: December 3rd, 2008 Gregg Keizer

Smartphone OS showdown – What mobile platform reigns supreme?

Remember when a phone was just a phone? You'd no more give thought to its operating system than you would to the one that your microwave oven ran. Boy, have times changed. Today's

Published on: November 24th, 2008 Harry McCracken

Yahoo CEO Jerry Yang steps down from top post

After failed buyout talks with Microsoft Corp., an online advertising deal with Google Inc. that fell apart and two rounds of layoffs, Jerry Yang is stepping down as CEO of Yahoo Inc., the

Published on: November 19th, 2008 Martyn Williams, Nancy Gohring and James Niccolai

Four free and fabulous Blackberry Apps for work and fun

Ever since the release of the iPhone 3G and unveiling of Apple's App Store, the phone has grabbed all the attention for mobile applications – but that doesn't mean the Blackberry is falling

Published on: November 17th, 2008 Brian Jackson

Google Extends E-mail Archiving Service to 10 Years

Google Message Discovery, which lets users search archived e-mail, debuted in April and supports Microsoft's Exchange and IBM's Lotus Domino e-mail systems. The company priced the service at US$25 per user per year,

Published on: November 15th, 2008 Jeremy Kirk

Google grumbles about media coverage of Apps outages

MIAMI - Recent outages affecting Google Apps have received a disproportionately large amount of coverage from the technology press, resulting in a misperception about the stability of this hosted collaboration and communication suite.

Published on: November 14th, 2008 Juan Carlos Perez

Google adds video chat to Gmail

Google added a voice and video chat feature to Gmail today. The capability allows people who use the free e-mail service to click on a contact's name and, provided their computers both have

Published on: November 13th, 2008 C.G. Lynch and Daniel Ionescu

Yes we can – A glimpse into Obama’s Google-enabled government

President-elect Barack Obama's plan to build a Google-enabled government began modestly this week with the new Web site, which includes the means to apply for a job in the new administration. One

Published on: November 11th, 2008 Patrick Thibodeau and Mike Elgan

Google promises 99.9% uptime for premier edition of Apps

Google is offering a service-level agreement for a version of Google Apps, a move that may provide some comfort to enterprises spooked by a long Gmail outage and a buggy Apps portal earlier

Published on: November 3rd, 2008 Jeremy Kirk and Daniel Ionescu

Google, GE partner for better energy tech and policies

Google and General Electric have partnered to accelerate the development of new energy technologies and government policies. The companies want to see electricity used more efficiently, generated from cleaner sources like wind, the

Published on: October 22nd, 2008 Juan Carlos Perez

Will Gmail outage give Google and SaaS a black eye?

In the battle to get enterprise customers to switch to Gmail and the Google Apps software suite, Google has to meet higher expectations than existing business software vendors. While that might be unfair,

Published on: October 21st, 2008 C. G. Lynch and Juan Carlos Perez

Rumoured AOL-Yahoo merger would cause more problems that it would solve

As rumors about a Yahoo-AOL merger grow louder, industry experts caution that such a deal could create more problems than it solves.Yahoo is likely pursuing the acquisition because it needs a short-term, sure-fire

Published on: October 16th, 2008 Juan Carlos Perez

Can Your Business Run Completely Online?

If you haven't checked out the collection of applications Google has now, go to Google Apps and see what you've been missing. Everyone knows about search, of course, and most everyone knows about

Published on: October 14th, 2008 James E. Gaskin takes on Google with Search Engine overhaul

Search engine companies and Hakia Inc. this week overhauled their respective search technologies, tapping into the semantic Web to provide search results that better reflect the intent behind the query. Early reviewers

Published on: October 8th, 2008 Heather Havenstein