Microsoft rolls out Windows in the cloud

As a result, software as a service is becoming a more viable option for SMBs. Microsoft Canada is rolling out its Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), part of Microsoft Online Services, which is

Published on: April 6th, 2009 Vawn Himmelsbach

Tapping into cloud power a breeze with Amazon tools

When Amazon's Elastic Cloud was in its infancy, the only management tools available were a set of Java-based command-line applications. The set was comprehensive: You had complete control over and access to Amazon

Published on: February 10th, 2009 Rick Grehan

Cloud computing shapes up as big trend for 2009

It is still early in the year, but cloud computing already is shaping up as a key trend for 2009.At SoftwareAG's Cloud Computing Innovation Day in Santa Clara, Calif., on Tuesday, executives from

Published on: January 28th, 2009 Paul Krill

The Cloud will “get better” as Microsoft sets up Office there

Microsoft's plan to release Office Web Application along with the next boxed version of its popular productivity software suite will have a huge impact on the software-as-a-service market, an analyst says.The Redmond-based software

Published on: November 25th, 2008 Brian Jackson

Microsoft’s Azure brings “Wild West” feel

SAN FRANCISCO - Last week, Microsoft announced its cloud-computing effort, called Azure. Fitting between Google's and's current offerings, it represents a very big step toward moving applications off the desktop and out

Published on: November 7th, 2008 David Strom

Windows 7 at the heart of Microsoft’s battle against Google

With the first public alpha release of Windows 7 due Monday at the Microsoft PDC2008 conference, the outline of the new operating system is taking shape. What you won't see when that alpha

Published on: October 28th, 2008 Preston Gralla

Cloud-computing and the seven deadly data risks

Cloud computing is fraught with security risks, according to analyst firm Gartner. Smart customers will ask tough questions, and consider getting a security assessment from a neutral third party before committing to a

Published on: July 7th, 2008 Jon Brodkin