Run a small biz from your smartphone

Write, edit, share Read part 1 of this story. Click here. No matter what you're doing for your business, you'll probably need to write or edit the occasional document--and while it might be

Published on: July 25th, 2011 Sarah Jacobsson Purewal

Run a small biz from your smartphone

You know that running a business can be tough. Luckily, you have technology on your side.Thanks to smartphones, you no longer need to stay tied to a desk. Plenty of apps out there--organizational

Published on: July 22nd, 2011 Sarah Jacobsson Purewal

LockItTight helps you recover stolen laptop

In the last month, two family members and one friend have had laptops stolen right out of their homes. Sadly, none of the systems were equipped with remote-monitoring software, meaning the chances of

Published on: July 20th, 2011 Rick Broida

Windows 8 hardware requirements same as Windows 7 or lower: Microsoft

Microsoft's annual partner conference last week featured previews of the Windows 8 server and desktop operating systems, talk of integration between Skype and Lync, and a barrage of insults aimed at the company's

Published on: July 15th, 2011 Jon Brodkin

5 Interesting tidbits about iOS 5 and iCloud

This fall Apple will do battle in the cloud with Google, move further into the so-called post-PC world, and take a shot at one of Research In Motion's most prized BlackBerry features. Apple

Published on: June 8th, 2011 Ian Paul

SMB tech spending on the way up

Companies selling technology products and services to Canadian small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) should expect a brisk business this year, according to a study recently released by analyst group IDC Canada.Global SMB

Published on: April 28th, 2011 Nestor Arellano

Firm averts Amazon cloud crash by ‘spreading out the risk’

A two-day power outage at Inc. 's Northern Virginia data centre last week crippled several Web sites including those of Foursquare, HootSuite, Quora and Reddit, but thanks to redundant cloud services a

Published on: April 26th, 2011 Nestor Arellano

Office 365 is Microsoft’s answer to Google Apps

Office 365, Microsoft's answer to Google Apps for Business, just became available to the public for beta testing.With this move, Redmond comes closer to delivering a package of tools to companies seeking e-mail,

Published on: April 19th, 2011 Elsa Wenzel

Securing the new workforce

By Paul Wood   The traditional office is turning into an untethered workspace that can be located just about anywhere and operate at anytime.  With instant accessibility to faster, wireless networks and collaboration tools

Published on: March 28th, 2011 Paul Wood

Virtual services that make your business look big

While it's always nice to have extra help--in the form of a personal assistant, an accountant, or a lawyer, say--it's also nice to cut costs. Small and medium businesses often can't afford to

Published on: January 19th, 2011 Sarah Jacobsson Purewal

Scaling online gaming networks to handle fame

So you've finally got your online game out and players are pouring in. Are you sure you'll have enough servers to handle your sudden popularity and the accompanying demands on your Website?For online

Published on: December 7th, 2010 Nestor Arellano

Google Instant for mobile takes speed hit

Google recently launched a beta version of Instant, the company's search solution that displays results as you type, for Android and Apple iOS 4 mobile devices. For now, the beta test is available

Published on: November 8th, 2010 Ian Paul

Cloud-based app secures Android phones

Lookout Mobile Securityhas created a paid client application that makes use of the vendor's cloud-based service to secure Android smartphones. Lookout Premium adds new features for greater privacy, remote lock, remote wipe, and

Published on: November 4th, 2010 John Cox

How retailers are taking advantage of location-based services

Businesses are integrating location-based services such as Foursquare, Gowalla, Loopt and Socialight into enterprise applications.For example, ice cream retailer Tasti D-Lite incorporated Foursquare into its loyalty program, providing extra reward points for customers

Published on: November 1st, 2010 John Brandon