TigerDirect.ca uses collaboration to combat cyber crooks this Christmas

The Christmas season is hectic for everyone – fraudsters included. The busy shopping season is well-known in the retail community as the time of year when fraudulent transactions abound.Criminals hope their fake credit

Published on: November 28th, 2008 Brian Jackson

18 value, wicked and plain weird tech gifts for friends and family

The holidays can be stressful even in the best of times, but this year's dismal economic climate is bringing new headaches. Not only do we have to grapple with the usual questions about

Published on: November 28th, 2008 Computerworld Staff

Free Web 2.0 apps to help you manage your holidays

Keeping up with holiday errands, parties and travel plans doesn't need to be as difficult as it used to be, thanks to some handy free Web 2.0 apps that you can access from

Published on: November 27th, 2008 C.G. Lynch

“It’s a jolly ‘oliday at Wal-Mart,” croons CEO Lee Scott

See related story: 250 million reasons for Wal-Mart's RFID exploitsIt's beginning to look a lot like a Wal-Mart Christmas Ev'rywhere you go; Take a look in the overcrowded superstore, glistening once againWith checkout

Published on: November 11th, 2008 Thomas Wailgum and Joaquim P. Menezes

Six hard disk drives that deliver speed and capacity

Over the past few months, we reviewed the latest in hard disk drive technology, from large-capacity 1TB models and energy-efficient "green" drives to solid-state disks that outpace their spinning disk counterparts on every

Published on: December 14th, 2007 Bill O'Brien and Rich Ericson