Apple accused of e-book price fixing by U.S. lawsuit

The U.S. Department of Justice has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Apple and five large publishers, accusing the companies of working together to raise prices of e-books.Defendants in the lawsuit, filed Wednesday, are

Published on: April 11th, 2012 Grant Gross

Video Rewind: Amazon’s Kindle Fire first look revisited

If a blogger following e-commerce giant is correct, the well-known Web brand will be opening doors to its first physical location in Seattle within a few months.Such a move would buck the

Published on: February 7th, 2012 ITBusiness Staff

How to publish your e-book to Amazon’s Kindle

Would you like to be the next Dan Brown or J.K. Rowling? Perhaps your aspirations are less lofty, but you still have a story--or expert information--to share with the masses. Unless you are

Published on: August 10th, 2011 Tony Bradley

Corporate “leeches” threaten free, open source software community

Corporate “leeches” threaten free, open source software communityYour ear doesn't have to be pressed to the ground for long to hear angry grumblings in the open source community about leeches, vampires, or freeloaders.By

Published on: June 9th, 2009 Bill Sydner