Terry Myerson presenting at the Microsoft Event in New York.

Published: October 26th, 2016

Adobe launches 3D printing finishing tool in Photoshop

Adobe Systems Inc. has given Photoshop an upgrade, adding a 3D printing feature to the growing list of things users can do with it. In a virtual briefing this week, Adobe unveiled its

Published on: January 16th, 2014 Candice So

Flickr photos used to build Rome in a day

Researchers who created the technology behind Microsoft’s Photosynth have upgraded their software to reconstruct entire cities in digital 3D by processing photos downloaded from the photo-sharing Web site Flickr. A team at the

Published on: September 28th, 2009 Brian Jackson

Making communication come alive with 3D digital tools

How do you visually communicate to more than 300,000 motorists they might have to take a detour on their drive tomorrow? Or encourage potential buyers to scale the heights of Chicago's tallest residential

Published on: February 15th, 2008 Nestor Arellano