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    Updated 11:00 am E.S.T. We wrapped up another engaging Twitter chat on Unified Communications and the drive for collaboration. Channel experts from Rogers and Cisco joined us in examining the power of collaboration and importance of connectivity solutions for businesses. The conclusion? It seems the participants of the chat all agreed that in today’s fast-moving world, effective communication means collaborating beyond your organization with easy-to-use tools. Legacy software restricts work styles, but also drives unsecured sharing and storage of corporate data. After all, security is everything and collaboration moves at the speed of trust.

    A special thanks to our guest experts and community participants for an insightful discussion!

    Unified Communications drive collaboration which in turn has the power to ignite innovation and increase employee and customer engagement.  Have you implemented unified communications technologies or provided technology-enabled collaboration workspaces?  Join us on December 10 between 12 and 1 pm EST, share your experiences by tweeting answers to the questions below or pose a few questions of your own.  Participate in the conversation and see what others have to say about this pivotal suite of services that are altering workplaces in fundamental ways. You can ask us questions or chip in using the #ConnectivitySolutions hashtag.

    Twitter chat with IT World Canada

    Participating as guest experts are: 
    Obaid Shah – Product Manager, Unified Communications, Enterprise Wireless Solutions, Rogers  (@obaidshah_)
    Steven Hong – Product Manager, Unified Communications, Enterprise Wireless Solutions, Rogers (@StevenatRogers)
    Rani Pendse – Product Manager, Access/Data Centres & Cloud, Rogers (@ranipendse)
    Dean La Riviere – General Manager, Collaboration at Cisco. (@DeanLaRiviere)

    New to Twitter chats? Take a look at this video which explains how to participate and gain value from it.

    Q1 What is the difference between UC and UCC? #ConnectivitySolutions

    Q2 What additional hardware/software and upgrades can CIOs expect to make by investing in UCC? #ConnectivitySolutions

    Q3 How can UCC power a collaborative and innovative organization? #ConnectivitySolutions

    Q4 How does legacy software hinder collaboration? #ConnectivitySolutions

    Q5 How does UCC enable a productive and collaborative work environment and why is that important for businesses? #ConnectivitySolutions

    Q6 What do CIOs need to consider before going totally mobile? #ConnectivitySolutions

    Q7 What is the link between UCC and driving productivity and innovation? #ConnectivitySolutions

    Q8 Which ROI measures have you or would you use in a business case for UCC?  How has UCC delivered against these? #ConnectivitySolutions

    Q9  What makes implementation & adoption of UCC streamlined? How did you get leadership & employees on board? #ConnectivitySolutions

    Q10  How do organizations go beyond providing the tools to engaging stakeholders and fostering innovation? #ConnectivitySolutions

    Closing remarks

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