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  • Carl Hunter

    Hi Dave,

    This is a great list but you missed one great tool! You should have mentioned the Salespod tool. It rocks! After evaluating a lot of field sales management tools (including some of those from thelist) we found Salespod to have the best set of features and our reps enjoy using it in the field. What a surprise! 🙂 Check it out and tell me what you think
    Cheers, Carl

  • Hi Dave, great list. I would like to add one more tool to this list “UncleSales”. UncleSales is a sales force location tracking app for keeping track of when and where your employees are working. You can use this app turn your android device into a powerful cloud-based time and attendance system. Employees can check in and out for work, submit tasks and photos. Check out here

  • Abhishek Dorik

    Hey Dave, Awesome collection, thanks for the insights too.
    Moreover with some more research for my business requirements from SoftwareSuggest the collective info provided clearly justifies the conclusions about the software listings you have curated.
    Thanks again.