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  • 11, Oh, yeah, and, most of your other programs won’t work with Windows 10. A little warning buried in the blurb they hustle you with on your very own desktop.

  • Sheeva

    All this is fine and dandy but let’s not forget that if you “need” to control when and what is updated you won’t be able to if you only have Windows Home Premium OS. You MUST have Pro or Ultimate in order to control/turn off Automatic Updates. For many this issue may not be bothersome and for sure the best that could happen to them. But for those of us that NEED to support SMBs with their local applications such as accounting or what have you (not cloud apps) this is a serious issue. They don’t want to buy another OS (or several) just to be able to control what happens and when it happens to their systems. Another major issue is that many SMBs (small businesses) can’t afford to upgrade their five plus year old systems or apps just to accommodate MS’s desire to control everything in the cloud. MS has NOT properly addressed the hardware compatibility issues, e.g. Dell and video drivers – is Dell going to provide compatible drivers to work with Win10? Hmmmm.

    • Jeff

      Great point, I’m sure Dell is never going to support Windows 10. They are going to completely pull away from the OS that their PC’s use because they don’t want to release a driver. It was a good run while it lasted

  • Michael Gray

    Back to the Future!

  • Looking forward to multiple desktops. Àbout time Windows got this functionality.

    I sincerely hope device guard allows setting apps/directories to ignore.