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The just-in-time IT resourcing solution


The Resourcing Challenge

Supply and demand takes on added complexity for technology companies when measuring the impact the skills gaps and fluid market conditions have on their ability to meet their internal and customer-facing IT needs. While the demand may outweigh the supply depending on skillset and geography, there are other resourcing challenges that IT companies face in provisioning skilled talent.

All technology companies want to maximize the utilization of their IT staff, but when facing limitations within their own talent pool based on skillset, availability, geography, cost, or other variables, an alternative solution must be found. While there is no shortage of staffing firms that specialize in IT resourcing, few of them understand deliverable-based technology services and solutions and they are not responsible for the business outcome.

Prior to COVID-19, technology companies were dealing with a candidate’s market. The cost of living in metropolitan areas was steadily increasing and the unemployment rate in Canada was at its lowest in 30 years, especially in IT where the demand for technology resources was growing. There are also geographical variances that impacted their ability to attract and retain distinct talent. In Quebec, the demand for bilingual technology resources continues to be extremely high and many companies are struggling to fill long-term contracts or permanent positions. Depending on the technology specialty and location, IT resources often have an array of employment options which can create uncertainty and retention issues for technology companies.

The Resourcing Solution

Dave Duncan

In 2000, Dave Duncan founded PeopleToGo to provide the IT industry with a reliable, sustainable, and quality on demand national resourcing solution to bridge the gap between supply and demand in Canada. With many years of experience in the IT industry, most of which was in the channel, Dave had the foresight to see how the skills gap, coupled with the feverish pace that technology was evolving at, was creating challenges for IT companies to successfully deliver services and solutions to their customers. From this vision came our mission; to help technology companies drive successful business outcomes by increasing operational excellence, user experience, customer satisfaction, and organization growth by leveraging the right resources at the right time, at the right place(s), and at the right price.

From the beginning, PeopleToGo’s business model and value proposition were designed to enable VARs, OEMs, Systems Integrators, Managed Services Providers, Professional Services firms, and Software companies to deliver quality technology resources, services, or solutions to their customers.

Value Proposition

  •  Channel Friendly – We don’t compete with our customers. We sell our IT staffing and technology services to our customers but not their clients. We are labour and services only and do not sell products but compliment and augment our customers’ technology resourcing and service needs, billed hourly or under a fixed rate model.
  • White Labelled Model – We deliver on-demand services under our customers’ distinct brand and become an extension of their resourcing and service delivery capabilities across North America.
  • Your Success is our Success – Our partner enablement model means we win ONLY when our customers win. We provide competitive wholesale pricing that better positions you to win the deal and make healthy margins.
  • 100% Utilization Model – Our customers only pay for resources, services, or solutions they use.

Our Core Services

As both an IT staffing and technology services company, PeopleToGo provides skilled IT resources that our customers can manage directly or we can build, implement, and support a deliverable-based technology service or solution that we help to coordinate and manage to a successful business outcome.

  • IT Staffing Services: Contract (part-time/short/medium/long-term), Permanent Placements, Contract-to-Permanent, and Payrolling
  • Technology Services: IMACD: Installation/Moves/Adds/Changes/Disposal, Break-Fix Maintenance (warranty or out of warranty), Deskside Support, Preventative Maintenance, Smart Hands, Asset Inventory, and Project Coordination/Management

Whether an hourly staffing engagement or a fixed rate service contract or project, our ability to support our customers’ needs, especially urgent or transactional ones, is based on the power of our resourcing engine.

As a resourcing company for the IT industry, PeopleToGo builds and manages a diverse and robust pool of skilled technology labour across North America with a multitude of skillsets including Technicians, Architects, Engineers, System Administrators, Application Developers, and Project Managers. By monitoring trends in the IT industry and working collaboratively with technology customers to understand their existing or future resourcing requirements, we proactively recruit new talent to ensure we can consistently respond to their needs in a Just-in-Time fashion.

Impact of COVID-19 on IT Resourcing

As the economies slowly open in Canada, one of the big questions the IT industry now faces is how COVID-19 and the “new normal” will affect technology companies’ ability to align the right resources to meet their customers onsite IT needs and help them maintain business continuity. With more people working remotely than ever before, PeopleToGo is already seeing an increased demand for in-home technical support, a fixed rate dispatch service we’ve been providing to our IT customers for over 17 years and throughout the pandemic.

Despite IT being deemed an essential service, many technology firms were affected by the impact the crisis has had on their clients, especially companies that were forced to close their businesses or had to lay people off and cut all non-essential spending. Until businesses bounce back to the pre-COVID-19 levels, hiring freezes for full-time IT resources may become more common. To work around this, more companies may embrace a utility model where they only pay for the IT resources, services, and solutions they consume…which is where PeopleToGo can help!

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About PeopleToGo

For 20 years, PeopleToGo has been a leading North American provider of skilled technology resources, services, and solutions, enabling IT companies to increase operational excellence, user experience, customer satisfaction, and organization growth. Our mission is to help empower companies to achieve successful business outcomes using technology services and human capital.



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