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ITWC makes Forrester’s list of world’s top channel PR firms

Published: June 13th, 2020 By:

IT World Canada (ITWC) has been recognized by Forrester as one of the top four Channel focused public relations firms in Canada. Forrester’s list includes a selection of 85 firms worldwide that it honours with this distinction.

Jim Love, CIO and Chief Content Officer for ITWC said he’s pleased a  firm with Forrester’s stature would include ITWC along with some of the world’s top public relations consultants.

“It is a satisfying independent confirmation that we are the leaders in the field that we say we are.” 

The backstory for ITWC’s recognition began with Forrester’s initiative to assess the relevance of channel-focused PR and identify the firms that are doing it well. After thousands of conversations with channel consultants, media companies and technology vendors around the world, Forrester determined that only 85 of the tens of thousands of pure-play PR firms and PR-focused marketing agencies and consultants had the focus and expertise to benefit channel industry players.

“As COVID-19 has changed the marketing and advertising calculus for every vendor, the value of finding a strong channel-focused PR person (or firm) is more important than ever,” says Jay McBain, Principal Analyst for Channels, Partnerships and Alliances at Forrester.

“We hear from partners as well as media executives that short-form, or “snackable”, content is growing, as social media has become the No. 1 source for eyeballs. This has replaced the development of long-form, in-depth narratives.  Either way, it is about storytelling directly to a partner audience comprised of very busy, small businesses.”

According to McBain, it is also about the integrity of that storytelling. “The stories that PR people share with the media need to be timely, robust, accurate, and relevant,” he explains. “Moreover, they also need to be supported by reputable stats, expert opinion, and solid facts.”

Whether it’s a white paper, a blog, a video, or a podcast, we are often under pressure to produce quickly,” says ITWC President Fawn Annan, “but we temper the need for speed with our commitment to developing authentic and compelling content. Our goal at ITWC is to build a meaningful story that connects with the audience, whether it’s the client’s audience or ours.”

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P Marketing and Communications
sproctor@itwc.ca | 416 578 5014

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