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    CIOs remain optimistic: 2020 Canadian CIOCensus

    In 2020, it has not been business as usual for anyone. The COVID-19 crisis has tested CIOs like never before. Fortunately, they proved to be up to the challenge.

    In the newly released 2020 CanadianCIO Census, it seems CIOs came through with solid business continuity plans within days of the pandemic lockdown that allowed them to transition thousands of employees to work from home.

    “The pandemic has increased the pace of corporate digital transformation exponentially and given CIOs at a new profile in the corner office,” says Jim Love, the force behind the study for the past seven years.

    Among the key findings of the 2020 CanadianCIO Census:

    • Digital transformation has accelerated because of the pandemic;
    • A significant workplace transformation is underway. Remote work is here to stay;
    • Change management is no longer a barrier to transformation, but budgetary constraints may be;
    • Security, the remote work environment, and customer experience are CIO priorities over the coming year;
    • To achieve success, transformation must focus on customer needs.

    In addition to the responses provided by more than 130 senior tech leaders from across the country, the final report draws on a series of virtual CIO roundtables held this year focused on how they are navigating their way through the crisis. Their thoughts are used to illustrate the survey findings.

    “No matter what lies ahead as the impact of the pandemic lingers, for CIOs, this is the new era of resilience,” says Love.

    The 2020 CanadianCIO Census is available for immediate download

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