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BIOS contact tracing app asking for trouble inviting cryptographers to decipher its data live

(June 10, 2020)- BIOS, a Toronto and New York-based contact tracing app, will be hosting an online hackathon live this Sunday, June 14th at 11 am. Cryptographers around the world are invited to crack BIOS’ data encryption.


Many contact tracing companies claim to have the most secure and anonymous data, but none have volunteered their core encryption for experts to decipher in order to prove the point.


Here’s exactly what is happening this coming Sunday:


BIOS will host an online hackathon, near Toronto, offering a cash prize of $1000 CAD to anyone who can break the data packet generated and encrypted by the mobile device running the app. A sample encrypted packet will be provided at the beginning of the event on ZOOM and streamed live. Encryption experts and enthusiasts are invited to join the online conference.


The challenge will entail two objectives:

  1. Reverse the encryption or hash to determine the original data
  2. Identify who the original data belongs to


“We know privacy is important, and we feel this is a great way to show not only governments and health officials but also the public that data generated by BIOS is secure and anonymous. That’s why we’re happy to make the hackathon open to cryptographers using sample encryption from BIOS.”

– Zev Vogel, Director of Strategy & Business Development for BIOS


BIOS’ online hackathon will be hosted via ZOOM this Sunday, June 14th at 11 am EST and streamed live on Facebook.


About BIOS

To learn more about BIOS, or how to register for the Hackathon visit

About BIOS

BIOS is a Toronto and New York-based contact tracing app



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