Image of the logo for Tumblr Creatrs Network
(Image: Tumblr).

Tumblr has long been the stomping grounds of artists and creatives showing off their work. Now, it’s set to become a place where they can also make money from the art they produce.

According to a story in Wired, Tumblr has announced a new service called the Creatrs Network, a platform that connects brands with artists who display their work on Tumblr. Essentially, the way the business models works is that Tumblr pays the artists regular rates, and brands get access to the artists’ work, boosting their own user engagement. Artists also get the bonus of having their work shown to brands’ followers, which can often be a lot bigger than their own. The hope is that some may become famous through this type of exposure – and in the process, by getting these artists more attention, Tumblr boosts its own profile.

The platform has already been in the works for about a year, with brands like A&T, Universal Pictures, and Gap already tapping artists to create graphics and designs for their Tumblr pages. So far, the network has signed up 300 artists.

Aside from garnering more exposure, by launching the Creatrs Network, Tumblr is opening up a new revenue stream for itself. That much is clear, but the other upside for both Tumblr and brands is that the network may help brands sidestep agencies in launching their campaigns. With the Creatrs Network, basically all a brand needs to do is to join the platform, explain what goals they want to reach with one of its campaigns, and then ask Tumblr’s team to help them find the right artists for the job. That can be a lot faster and more direct than working with an agency.

Nor has Tumblr forgotten the artists in all this. The blogging platform has promised artists it will provide access to legal assistance when it comes to negotiating contracts, and that they’ll always get credit for their work.