Anyone that is the go-to IT problem solver when friends or family run into a computer problem may now want to consider charging for that guided assistance by the minute on Google’s new service.

Google Helpouts launched today, using its Hangouts video conferencing technology to allow users to pay to receive live help from experts for a fee. There are already 1,000 providers available to browse through on the service. Experts listed in a directory are noted as being available immediately, or for a scheduled time in the near future.

Youtube has become a go-to source for Do-It-Yourself project hobbyists or for anyone looking for a quick cooking lesson. Google must have noticed just how often its users type “how to” into the Youtube search bar. Now if searching Youtube doesn’t get you the help you need, you can connect with a real person to guide you through it step by step.

There are 457 experts listed in the Computers & Electronics directory out of more than 1,000 experts listed in total at launch. Assistance is offered for updating your WordPress blog, using Camtasia Studio, or setting up wireless security cameras, among other things. Some users have already received reviews from Helpouts users.

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For those considering offering Helpouts, Google allows you to request an invitation code to join the service. It lists benefits of offering services via Helpouts as getting an immediate and global reach, allows you to set your own schedule, and to set your own price for your time.