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The pressure’s always on for digital marketers to prove their campaigns are working, whether that’s through engagement, conversions, or just under the general heading of ROI.

In a slideshow posted on Slideshare, Vala Afshar of Extreme Networks posted 50 metrics for digital marketing campaigns, showing how successful they are and whether they’re hitting the mark.

Among some of the more unique ones:

  • Share of voice – The proportion of the total audience commanded by a media group or brand across its full range of activities, showing where you rank compared to competitors when people talk about your industry.
  • Funnel visualization – Helps track the movement of prospects through different stages – new, engaged, marketing qualified, sales accepted, sales rejected – in the funnel. Shows strengths and weaknesses in the marketing and sales process.
  • Inbound link – Also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks and inward links. They are incoming links to a Web site or Web page, as well as a key component in improving a Web site’s ranking. Links from high-ranking pages are worth more than low-ranking ones.
  • Unsubscribe rate – The number of people who chose not to receive any more updates or alerts from your campaign. It’s not great to lose viewers, but it’s good to know what’s driving them away.
  • Advertising value equivalency – What your editorial coverage would cost if it were advertising space or time instead. However, it’s important to note that even though there are dollar denominations attached to this metric, they have nothing to do with profitability.

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