Zaptap’s new NFC platform adds social twist to mobile commerce

Apple may not be betting on NFC but Zaptap certainly is.

The U.S. giant didn’t include near field communication capability inthe new iPhone 5 it unveiled yesterday, despite wide speculation thatit would. Canadian startup Zaptap isn’t fazed, moving ahead just a daylater with the official launch of its new platform that melds mobilecommerce with social media using NFC-enabled smartphones.

With Zaptap, shoppers can usetheir NFC smartphones to get product info and offers and share theirexperience on social media. (Photo:Zaptap Web site) 

Retailers can use Zaptap’s platform to push content to customers likeincentives, personalized notifications, product information andreviews. Shoppers can get all that data by simply aiming theirsmartphone at certain products in the store. Merchants can alsointeract with shoppers by offering them live customer help andresponding to their feedback. Merchants also get real-time metrics onall their products and store locations.

To make the whole shopping experience social, the platform featuressocial sharing and YouTube integration so you can share updates orvideos about your purchases or view promotional videos inside the storeon your smartphone.

Zaptap says in a news release that the benefit of its platform is thatit “requires no specialsoftware that may discourage consumers who don’t want a time consumingdownload or app installation.” The company adds that it has deals”pending to deploy their NFC platform with over 15 global retail brandsthis fall and winters.”

Fredericton, N.B.-based Zaptap was one of 15 Canadian startups chosenfrom a field of 61 applicants to have their products showcased duringan opening day reception at the 2011 GROW Conference in Vancouver.

Source | BetaKit

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