Your Networld + Interop crib notes

New technology should be developed with customer business plans in mind, urged speakers at this year’s Networld + Interop and Comdex show in Atlanta.

Security, wireless and mobile technology as well as network storage were the main themes on the exhibition floor and classrooms. Even though

the Atlanta gathering was expanded to include Comdex — an addition meant to widen coverage scope and increase interest — N+I had to contend with smaller crowds and fewer exhibitors than in years past. Exhibitors attributed the smaller turnout to a general slowdown in the industry as well as to the show’s unfortunate timing. Networld + Interop and Comdex ran over the one-year anniversary of the Sept. 11th attacks on the World Trade Center. The show began on Sept. 9th to 13th.

Networld + Interop brings back Comdex

9/9/2002 5:00:00 PM – preview Despite the anniversary of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and a battered industry, Key3Media organizers say the show must go on. Computer Associates and 3Com explain why they’re setting up booths

Sept. 11 anniversary haunts Networld + Interop crowd

9/10/2002 5:00:00 PM – “”It’s a little weird being away from our families,”” exhibitor says

Carrier ignorance holds back WLANs, experts say

9/10/2002 5:00:00 PM – “”They had no idea what Wi-Fi was,”” panelist tells N+I audience

Music, video downloading gets past network managers

9/11/2002 5:00:00 PM – They’re shocked when vendors point it out, Networld + Interop panel says

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