XConnect: Tunezy founder Derrick Fung

Tunezy is a funded start-up which aims to change the way the traditional record label industry works.

Serial entrepreneur Derrick Fung joined host Karim Kanji in the XConnectTO studio recently to chat about how the lessons he learned in corporate Canada as well as his experience as a former start-up founder has helped him to prepare for his latest project, Tunezy.

Derrick and his team are building Tunezy to be a social record label which will empower independent musicians through an online platform. They are also creating an environment for fan engagement to have a direct impact on the growth of these musicians. Through this interaction, Tunezy will provide musicians with products and services essential to their success. Sign up for invites at http://www.tunezy.com.

Derrick is building Tunezy to be the world’s first social music label.

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