XConnect: Pocket Zoo creator Robleh Jama

This week we had the opportunity to speak with Robleh Jama of TinyHearts.com. Robleh presently works out of the Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone and Toronto’s The Work Republic.

Many people know Robleh as the person who brought live animal cameras to his popular Pocket Zoo app on the iPhone and iPad. However, Robleh has done much more than that! He started the first social network for the sneaker culture, 2 popular apps in the iPad store, one of the first games built on Instagram, and now a lifestyle brand for tech startups entrepreneurs.

In our first conversation, Karim asks Robleh about what he has learned as a entrepreneur in the tech startup space. Robleh’s advice? Watch and listen to find out!

Karim Kanji interviews Robleh Jama.

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