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Late last year we had the opportunity to chat with Mediazoic founder Greg Nisbet. Last week, we had the opportunity to have a second conversation with Greg.

We discussed their new Studio In The Cloud initiative as well as their recent agreement with the Audio-Video Licensing Agency. This agreement with AVLA allows Mediazoic and their network of online stations to carry the music catalogues of more than 1000 record companies representing the majority of all sound recordings and music videos produced and/or distributed in Canada.

This week on XConnect: Greg Nisbet from Mediazoic.com.

About Mediazoic:

Mediazoic has made software that allows music lovers (both individuals and organizations alike) to create, customize and even DeeJay their own radio stations on the internet. Users get complete control over the aesthetics as well as the content of their stations, have the ability to create playlists and can point their station to any point on the web using the graphic “tuner”.

Creator of Mediazoic, Greg Nisbet, is a self-proclaimed music missionary and has held over 40 jobs across the world since leaving his path of a University of Toronto pre-law student. His passion for music, and drive as a social entrepreneur, led to the creation of Mediazoic, as well as a communications and consulting company that he runs – dedicated to improving digital literacy and effectively implementing digital strategy.

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