XConnect: Flixel’s ‘living photos’ app

Toronto is not the only place where cool tech startups are born. New Brunswick’s Flixel Photos Inc. recently launched a free iPhone application that lets users create beautiful living photos in seconds. The app, called Flixel, is already a top photo and video application. Developed in collaboration with Toronto based development shop extraordinaire, Endloop Mobile, Flixel distinguishes itself from its competitors via its unique and simple creation process enabling users to “live paint” their animation and instantly preview their living photo.

This past week, thirdocean and XConnect co-founder and digital sociologist, Karim Kanji sat down with Flixel co-founders Mark Homza and Philippe LeBlanc to chat about Flixel and their humble beginnings from Canada’s East Coast.

Karim Kanji interviews the Flixel founders.

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