XConnect: Corina Newby from Supernova Interactive

Editor’s note: ITBusiness.ca is pleased to partner with XConnect, a Toronto-based show hosted by Karim Kanji featuring interviews with insiders in the technology and emerging media industry. Watch for this weekly feature.

Corina Newby has spent the past few years heading up communications and social media for Supernova Interactive. If you’re new to Supernova that’s ok. Not many people outside of the industry have heard of them. But you’ve heard of their products such as the popular Battle Of The Bands. They also power a number of band discovery competitions for some of Canada’s largest North American radio stations. So when it comes to music and community, Corina knows her stuff.

These days Corina loves to spread her love of pop culture as the senior editor of BiffBamPop.com. We hope you enjoy our conversation:

Corine Newby is no greenhorn when it comes to pop culture.

Host: Karim Kanji
Producer: Chatelaine Cheung

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