Tech-savvy office fashionistas rejoice – the latest, and potentially greatest, marriage of style and smart technology is here!

Or will be, depending on the success of its crowdfunding campaign.

Described by its makers as an “innovative gadget” that will “take care of your beauty, entertainment, smart home devices and safety” needs, the selfie mirror contains a built­-in light, high-resolution camera, motion sensors, and even a high-definition sound system that allows the lucky owner to use what would otherwise be an ordinary-looking mirror to take pictures, record video, listen to music, or create a makeshift security system.

That last function might be the mirror’s most helpful feature for office users, who could take advantage of its two-way video surveillance system during business trips, even programming the Android interface to send alerts should its motion sensors be activated by unexpected visitors.

And of course its surface is a touchscreen, so you can play around with your photos, post them to Facebook or Instagram, and control any other smart home devices you may have from your bedroom – or boardroom – as well.

In addition to the vanilla selfie mirror, the creators are marketing a “business version” expressly designed for office or commercial use. A unique start menu would provide quick access to Uber, Google Maps, or the selfie button, which visitors could use to shoot pictures of themselves that could then be branded with the company logo.

At the time of this posting, the selfie mirror’s Indiegogo campaign had raised $10,154 USD from 24 backers, with 13 days to go – considerably less than its $50,000 fundraising goal, though because of the campaign’s flexible funding, the project’s San Francisco-based developers will receive all pledges regardless. For donations of $99 and up, the creators will send you a selfie mirror of your very own.

Of course, the question remains: Does anyone really need a selfie mirror? Check out the YouTube pitch and decide for yourself.

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