Forms go electronic
mFORMS, from Rogers Communications Inc., is designed to help SMB field staff convert paper and voice-based data exchanges, such as work orders, into wireless communications using their Windows Mobile-based devices as an electronic clipboard. Built upon technology from HP, Microsoft and TrueContext, mFORMS ensures that new or updated customer information can be sent and received wirelessly by the right company resource at the right time. mFORMS will also offer pre-filled customer and job information. Completed forms are automatically and securely transmitted from the mobile device back to the office for processing and invoicing.

Managerial control
Smart Online Inc., a software-as-services provider, is offering two new application suites so users can securely enter and manage their business information. The company’s Start and Grow online application suites, tailored for new or growing businesses, are available now for a free trial period followed by a low monthly subscription price by accessing the company’s Web site. Start includes accounting, contact management, calendar, shipping and business plan applications and incorporation services. Grow offers those features, plus a human resources management application and Smart Onlineís Business Tools.

Next year’s model
Sage Software‘s ACT! by Sage 2006, the contact and customer management solution for individuals and small businesses of one to 10 networked users, offers several new features. These include advanced company and group tree-view, easy options for managing contact, group and company associations and expanded accounting link integrations. ACT! helps users organize the contact details, notes, histories, appointments and documents required to build and sustain successful customer relationships. Data fields, contact views, calendar options, sales forecasting and opportunity tracking capabilities can be used as is or customized to address various business requirements.

Protection through partnerships
The EdgeForce M Series of unified threat management (UTM) platforms from ServGate Technologies is now integrated with Computer Associates’ eTrust virus and spyware protection applications. The partnership strengthens EdgeForce’s UTM, which runs on ServGate’s Linux-based, security-hardened operating system (SGOS) and an architecture called Full Context Inspection, integrating firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, and spam, virus and Web filtering on a network-based gateway appliance. ServGate’s UTM implementation represents the first line of defence at the business continuity level for organizations, providing Layer 7 (content/application) filtering services, such as gateway antivirus.

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