V. Wireless/Communications Spending
One of the fastest-growing segments, with seven per cent growth

  • Top areas are voice over IP (VoIP) and wireless data. Wireless security is No. 2.
  • Research In Motion is still the king in enterprises for both wireless and data.
  • Cisco dominates networking and is well placed to gain incremental market share.
  • Security remains the main concern about wireless.

VoIP, Wi-Fi and Wireless Data

  • The spending increase on VoIP, wireless data and Wi-Fi will average nine per cent.
  • Enterprises are beginning to ramp up their spending on wireless networking, particularly at large campus networks.
  • Retail, manufacturing and high technology remain the leading verticals, and we expect financial firms to follow suit.

Wireless Handhelds, Desktops

  • Spending on handhelds outpaces wireless laptops.
  • The average firm added 225 devices in 2006.
  • Replacement cycles are shortening to 18 months from 24.

Wireless Security, Data Networking

  • 60 per cent will increase spending in wireless security with more than 30 per cent increasing spending by five per cent or more.
  • Switch upgrades and unified networking are also driving spending and we look for a continuation of this trend into the next few years.
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