Windows 8 buying intentions tepid: survey

While Microsoft Corp. has been trying to build the hype around its new Windows 8 operating system, a new survey from a security vendor shows it might not be working.

While 56 per cent of Avast Software users internationally were aware of Windows 8’s impending release (which is now on the market), it’s not motivating them to buy a new computer. Almost half of the Prague-based firm’s users say they’re definitely not buying a new computer sooner to have Windows 8, and another third say probably not.

Most don’t plan to buy a new PC for Windows 8…

Apple Inc. has always demonstrated marketing savvy in putting on live events to launch its products and driving hype around the announcements by being as secretive as possible about the details beforehand. It put on an event earlier this week to launch its new iPads and the iPad mini, a smaller tablet. No doubt the timing of the event was at least in part calculated to steal some of Microsoft’s steam.

So far the Internet buzz has shown that Apple has been partly successful in doing so. But another statistic out of the Avast survey is also interesting. When asked if they plan to get a new computer soon, and if yes, what would it be, almost three-quarters of respondents said a PC. That means most computer buyers will be getting into Windows 8 whether that is their main intention or not.

…but most do plan to buy a PC over a Mac.

While Apple’s hype machine seems to be driving focus to their products, there seems to be other factors that are driving people back to the PC eco-system anyway.

Source | Avast


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