A U.S. software firm that previously used sales representatives to service clients north of the border has formally established its commitment to the Canadian market by opening a downtown Toronto office from which it will provide sales, product support and training services.

According to David

Marvin, president and CEO of Wind2 Software, headquartered in Fort Collins, Colo., the decision addresses prior resource limitations in terms of the ability of representatives to invest in the kind of sales and service expertise necessary to both expanding the market for Wind2 and to serving more effectively the needs of customers in the area.

Wind2 provides software solutions specifically targeting the needs of architects. engineers, surveyors, CPAs and others.

“”We view the Canadian market as a tremendous opportunity for our firm,”” said Marvin, whose company provides solutions for time billing, project management, financial accounting, customer relationship management and marketing automation. “”We’ve put a firm footprint in the Toronto area with an official office. We’ll not only serve Ontario, but also other provinces where we have customers now and where we’d like to grow our customer base.””

Leading the new Toronto office is Canadian area manager Bob Brink, a Wind2 representative in Canada since 1994, as well as a certified public accountant. The 10-year veteran will help Wind2 Software (Canada) expand its program of on-site product support, user group meetings and training seminars.

“”We’re going to have more staff,”” said Brink, who previously served as a controller for a large Wind2 customer in Calgary, Alta. “”I’ll step back from some sales issues…I will be more available to do more consulting and more formal training courses…And they’ll (Wind2 in the U.S.) know we’ll be making lots of noise up here about issues that impact Canadian users.””

That’s what Marcia Walker, controller at Toronto, Ont.-based Architects Alliance, a client of Wind2’s, said she wants to hear. The new office in the downtown area shows a stronger Canadian commitment, she said, which might translate into more software enhancements.

“”There’s perhaps more of a chance at getting a monetary conversion module implemented into the software,”” said Walker, whose company is made up of architects, designers, planners, engineers and technologists who work on projects ranging from houses to institutional buildings for clients in both the public and private sector. She also stressed her satisfaction with Wind2. “”It’s a great program. I’m really impressed.””

Christine Ouyed, a customer service representative with Wind2 Software (Canada), said that she had been so impressed by Wind2, including its customizable software, while she had been working for a client of Wind2 that she ultimately ended up jumping ship.

“”I decided to join Wind2 because I liked their product, their approach to business,”” said Ouyed, a project management expert. “”We believe having Canadian operations is the best way to serve Canada and Canadian clients.””

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