Wind Mobile releases Facebook Cover Photo Maker app

Wind Mobile is launching an Android app designed to turn smartphone photos into Facebook cover art today, the wireless carrier announced today.

Facebook’s Timeline design that started rolling out in February allows users to feature a profile photo and a cover photo. The cover photo is a large image with a wide format that splashes across the top of a user profile. There’s no app that allows Android users to create good cover photos and upload them to Facebook, according to Wind, so they’ve created Cover Photo Maker.

Wind has released a Cover Photo Maker app for Android.

Now available in the Google Play store, the app allows Android users to either snap a new shot or select a photo from their gallery. Then the app helps to crop the image so it perfectly fits that cover photo frame, gives the option to overlay themed decals, and add a colour filter. Then the user signs in to Facebook to upload the art work. Users must then log into Facebook and change the cover photo to the image that’s been added to their gallery by the app.

It seems like an odd app for a carrier to create, but Wind is trying to use the free app to create some social media buzz. There’s a Wind theme pack that encourages users to incorporate the firm’s branding into their cover images. Those who do will get the chance to have their cover photo featured by Wind’s Facebook page every Wednesday.

Source | Google Play

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