May 14, 2007
Apple solid state laptops
Adario Strange has some news about Apple hardware.

”Sequoia Capital’s Jason Calacanis claimed to have inside information from a well-placed source indicating that a solid state Apple laptop is on the way soon.”

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Gearing up for Phenom chips

Rich Brown believes the new 3D graphics card wasn’t enough for one morning.

“Anandtech got its hands on a few PowerPoint slides that give some more details about Phenom, but there’s really not whole lot of technical info here. From the look of it, we’ll see, similar to the current Athlon line up, Phenom FX, Phenom X4, and Phenom X2 chips some time before the end of the year.”

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Solaris can never be Linux
IT Wire

Sam Varghese has a few choice words to say about Sun’s take on open source.

“Whenever I hear the words Sun Microsystems and open source mentioned together I can’t help but laugh. Yet now, the so-called heavyweight wants to mimic the lightweight. The company which once scorned open source, the General Public Licence (under which Linux is released) and anything to do with the free operating system is now actually looking to emulate it!”

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