IBM and Twitter have teamed-up to develop a number of cloud data services designed to help marketers, business professionals and developers turn their Twitter data into actionable business intelligence.

Twitter is real-time and constant, and trying to keep up with the flow can be like trying to drink from a fire hose. For businesses though, not only is there gold in those tweets that can help them grow their business, there are hazards that, if missed, can hurt the both revenue and reputation.

For business, the challenge is isolating the signal from the noise. IBM’s solution helps achieve this by analyzing Twitter data in combination with many other data points, from weather forecasts to product inventory statistics, to help uncover correlations that can deliver insights business leaders can take action on.

“So much of business decision making relies on internal data such as sales, promotion and inventory. Now with Twitter data, customer feedback can easily be incorporated into decision making,” said Chris Moody, vice-president of data strategy at Twitter, in a statement. “IBM’s unique capabilities can help businesses leverage this valuable data, and we expect to see rapid demand in retail, telecommunications, finance and more.”

With the new IBM analytics services on the cloud, businesses and developers can create social data-enabled apps to search, explore and mind enriched Twitter content and aggregated insights, merge predictive analytics with Twitter data by automating the steps of data curation, predictive analysis and visual storytelling with Watson Analytics, and more easily analyze Twitter data using as a service technology.

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