What if Yammer, BaseCamp, Zoho and DropBox all had a baby?

Social enterprise is all the rage these days, as traditional enterprise software vendors try to incorporate social aspects into their platforms and other companies build cloud-based services to compete with the incumbents. One company in the U.S. is trying to incorporate the best of both worlds into one offering.

Based in Alexandria, Va., Bitrix24 has developed a social intranet platform for businesses that functions, in essence, like a Facebook for the enterprise, with an activity stream, the ability to like posts, chat with fellow users by instant message, and post photos. But unlike Facebook, it also includes tools for project and task management, such as workgrouping and reporting, as well as document management and collaboration, planning, an employee directory, and a customer relationship management (CRM) platform for your sales and client management teams.

As the company puts it, Bitrix24 is part Yammer (social enterprise) and BaseCamp (project management), with a side of Zoho (CRM) and a dash of DropBox (file sharing and document management). And throw in calendars, planners, work reports and gantt charts as well.

The Bitrix24 CRM platform.

It’s a pretty robust platform for a small business, and long as you’re got 12 users or less it’s free with the basic package, which includes 5GB of online storage. For US$99/month that goes up to 50GB and unlimited users, adding in an Extranet. The professional package at US$199/month gives 100GB and also includes tools for time management, meetings and reports, as well as your own domain name.

Source | Bitrix24

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