It isn’t just age that separates different generations in the workplace, but motivations, according to the Staples Business Advantage 2016 Workplace Index.

The report found that Baby Boomers are the only generation that still find the most motivation from having a sense of purpose at work, with both Millennials and Gen X reporting salary was the most important motivation. However, Gen X did place sense of purpose in the number two spot, while Millennials chose passion as their second most important motivator.

“It is important for employers to remember there are several generations represented in today’s workforce,” Scott D’Cunha, vice president of marketing, e-commerce, and communications at Staples Business Advantage Canada, said in a statement. “While these generations do have much in common, there are also key differences and organizations must take these differences into account to ensure a happy and productive workforce.”

The survey looked primarily at the differences between Millennials/Generation Y (18-33 years old), Generation X (34-50 years old), and Baby Boomers (51-70 years old) in three categories: motivation, office design, and wellness and productivity.

Staples released an infographic summarizing its findings, which you can check out below (click for a larger version). Or view the full report here.


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