Newly named Microsoft Canada President Kevin Peesker keynoting at the Synnex Canada National Conference in Toronto.

Published: October 25th, 2017

TORONTO – What does a work week look like for new Microsoft Canada President Kevin Peesker? Well, he revealed how he spends his time at the Synnex Canada National Conference in Toronto.

Peesker is the type of executive who actually traces his weekly work stats through a new tool on Office 365 called My Analytics.

So, what did Peesker do last week at Microsoft Canada?

  • Peesker worked a total of 55 hours.
  • Approximately 31 hours were spent in meetings.
  • Peesker spent 8 hours just on reading and replying to email.
  • He met personally with 16 people. Most of these meetings took no more than an hour.
  • The person he met with the most last week was Lisa Gibson, the head of communications for Microsoft Canada and the President’s business manager.
  • Something else that was clocked on My Analytics was Peesker’s after-hours business engagements. He had seven hours of business activity outside of Microsoft Canada.

When Peesker analyzes his work stats a few questions come up, such as:

  • How much time should he be spending on email?
  • Can he spend less time on email and more time engaging with customers?
  • Does he have the right work balance?

“This is not a look into people’s personal information, but My Analytics is instead a cognitive service inside Office 365 that can help you manage your time,” he said.

Cognitive computing and artificial intelligence will be two areas of priority for Peesker’s leadership at Microsoft Canada. The software giant has already acquired Montreal-based AI developer Maluuba, in an effort to make AI more accessible and usable for machine reading and writing.

Peesker called Maluuba a foundation piece, but just one in a bigger picture Microsoft is making.

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