Toronto-based Iotum announced today updates to its Web conferencing service for small businesses including browser-based support for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Iotum’s Calliflower product is a Secure Internet Protocol (SIP) service that allows conference calls via Web and mobile device with features such as custom security levels, call recording, instant messaging, document sharing, and call moderation. It’s typically used by firms to conduct collaboration calls with people in multiple locations, or to deliver a training seminar over the Web. Now, Calliflower Connect allows users to initiate a conference call from the Web browser.

An add-on client means a button appears in Chrome or Firefox, and conference participants need only click on it to call in. The new feature means users won’t need to rely on a third-party VoIP client like Skype to dial in to conference calls. The plug-in makes use of WebRTC capabilities available to Firefox and Chrome browsers. The open source project enables real-time communications in a browser via Javascript application programming interfaces.

Calliflower pricing begins at $13.95 per month for a basic version that supports up to five calls with five callers, or $29.95 per month for the full version. That includes all the features, and participants can use their phones to dial in to conference calls via 1-800 numbers at different locations around the world.

In Canada, Calliflower offers 28 local numbers and supports up to 200 callers per conference. In the U.S., only a maximum of 70 callers are supported.

Here’s an overview of the Calliflower service from the firm’s Youtube channel:

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