Web-based dragon breeding launched by Toronto firm

A Toronto-based digital firm offering a Web platform to help educators teach science in and outside of the classroom has delivered 1.5 million pieces of content since its launch a year ago.

Spongelab Interactive released an infographic today showing the success of Spongelab.com in Canada and beyond. The Web site that offers educational gaming experiences to registered users is popular in the U.S., Britain, and used in 148 other countries. It’s currently ranked at number one spot in the education section of the iPad’s App Store.

Toronto’s Spongelab Interactive is showing some impressive growth. (View full infographic).

Spongelab teaches students about scientific principles while playing graphically-rich, interactive games. For example, the just-launched beta version of Dragon Breeder sees players incubating dragon eggs and using the concepts of genetic inheritance to complete missions. Players must breed dragons with certain attributes to defeat the monsters they meet in a cloud-hopping sky world created in HTML5. The Web version is free to play now, and a tablet version is coming soon.

Jeremy Friedberg, one of the founders of Spongelab, holds a PhD in molecular genetics and biotechnology from the University of Guelph. Other founders Andrea Bielecki and Reg Bronskill are partners in InViVo Communications, an interactive healthcare firm.

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