Everyone’s been talking about mobile payments, but for something that’s supposed to be such a hot topic, not a lot of people are using them.

But if you’re running a small business, and you’re interested in receiving your next paycheque by mobile payment, Wave Accounting Inc. wants to hear from you.

Founded in 2010 in Toronto and building accounting apps to serve small businesses, Wave is now looking to test-drive its Payments by Wave app. It’s now accepting applications from small business owners who want to try the app in beta on iOS devices.

The app allows users to accept payments that integrate with their accounting, so it’s easier for businesses to get paid. Typically, if a business needs to cash a cheque, it has to go through a bank first. But customers who use Payments by Wave can get paid 12 days earlier, according to a press release from Wave.

Wave touts the app as being relatively simple, as it doesn’t require any extra hardware or dongle to work. Instead, to do transactions, users just enter their credit card details or scan the card with their phones. Wave charges users 2.9 per cent and 30 cents per transaction for credit cards, and cash transactions are automatically recorded.

To apply for beta testing for Payments by Wave, small business owners can sign up here.

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