Waterloo area delegates beat the tech drum in Germany

Leaders of Canada’s technology triangle region have their sights set squarely on Germany this week.

Corporate and political delegates from Canada’s Technology Triangle(CTT) — the Ontario cities of Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge– arethere visiting 15 German companies that already have branch operationsin the CTT area.

They’re there to thank the German firms for setting up shop in thetech-heavy region of Ontario and drum up more multinational businessprospects for the area in future. Kitchener mayor Carl Zehr and CTT CEOJohn Jung are among the Canadian delegation travelling there.

“By already having chosen to locate their investments in WaterlooRegion, these organizations have demonstrated their faith that thisregion is a top destination to do business and we want to make certainthat they have access to all the resources, information and supportneeded to ensure they succeed and grow in the region,” Jung said in anews release.

“It’s all about retaining and growing the foreign businesses thatextensive effort has going into bringing here,” he added.

CTT says the trip is the first leg of its Foreign MultinationalAftercare and Follow-Up program. The program has identified 240 foreignmultinational companies from various countries that have operations inthe CTT area. Fifty of those multinational firms have been earmarkedfor visits from CTT leaders in 2012.

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