Watch out for big changes in Twitter’s Brand Pages

Twitter plans to build in social experience features such as e-commerce, contests and sweepstakes to Brand Pages, its landing pages for marketers that pay for ads on the network, according to reports.

The site AdAge Digital said the changes will allow app developers to “build experiences” on Twitter much like they would do on Facebook.

“The features will be contained within the brand’s tweet timeline, a departure from the 140-character limit of a tweet or images and videos that can now displayed,” AdAge said.

No date has been set for the release of the product yet and Twitter has declined to comment on the new features although the microblogging site has been telling clients to expect the changes this year, AdAge said.

Brands such as Nike, American Express and McDonald’s were among the companies that committed $25,000 in advertising when Brand Pages Pages was launched in January.

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