The WAP (wireless application protocol) Forum has announced the release of WAP 2.0.

A significant evolution in the release of 2.0 is the adoption of XHTML (a combination of XML and HTML) as a developer language. “It’s very similar to the HTML that all the Web developers are developing applications with.

Definitely that’s going to make the developer’s life a lot easier,” said Jay Subramanian, a software developer with Wysdom Inc. in Richmond Hill, Ont. The improvement should allow developers to create more media-rich applications, he added.

“(2.0) completes the process of reconciling WAP to Internet standards as developed by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium),” said John Mennel, vice-president of platform products for 724 Solutions Inc., a member of WAP Forum. “That’s good for developers, just because it means that the mark-up languages, the transport layer, the whole model becomes much more common between the Internet and wireless.”

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