Wanted: Intuit’s next killer finance app

Intuit Inc. is opening its APIs for financial data services to third party developers for the first time in its history.

The goal is to spark innovations that could lead to the next Quicken,QuickBooks, Mint or FinanceWorks, which are all part of Intuit‘s stableof accounting and financial software tools.  

“Quicken was invented at a kitchen table,” Intuit CEO Brad Smith saidin a news release. “Mint arose when its founder got too busy to keep upmanaging his own money. You never know where the next great idea willcome from, but we intend to find out.”

Although third party developers have had access to data related toQuickBooks, this broadens the scope of the open API access to more ofIntuit’s major product lines.

Open APIs will be available through the Intuit Partner Program on alimited basis in October and on a wider basis in December. Intuititself will decide which developers can access the data to ensurecompliance with privacy and audit standards.

Source | TechCrunch

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