As of Aug. 30, Mississauga, Ont.-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider Axsit (pronounced “access it”) is a Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)-certified telecom and high-speed Internet reseller, officially bringing eight months of customer service drama to an end.

The company, which first became the subject of controversy after a customer filed a complaint with the Commissioner of Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) in January, was recently purchased by Calgary-based telecommunications services provider WiMacTel, which has made addressing every complaint filed against Axsit and ensuring it meets industry standards a cornerstone of its acquisition.

WiMacTel President and CEO James MacKenzie
WiMacTel President and CEO James MacKenzie says the CRTC certification of his company’s Axsit division is just the beginning.

“(CRTC certification) was one of the key promises we made upon our acquisition of Axsit,” WiMacTel CEO James MacKenzie told in an email, adding that “in less than 30 days much has been achieved beyond these CRTC licenses.”

“All CCTS issues have been resolved,” he wrote. “All outstanding customer service issues are closed or actively being worked on by the 24/7 customer service team.”

The company has also begun the Better Business Bureau accreditation process, MacKenzie wrote, promising that from now on Axsit will be known for exceptional customer service – and, before long, the lowest residential pricing in the market.

As a non-facilities-based provider of telecom service, Axsit may be required to file data with the CRTC, but will not be subject to ownership and control regulations.

However, it’s unlikely Axsit, WiMacTel, or MacKenzie are looking to repeat the company’s recent drama, in which January’s complaint resulted in CCTS declaring that Axsit had breached its terms of service in July.

WiMacTel has provided a variety of telecommunications services, including operator, emergency call, billing, multilingual, telecom repair, and technical field services to telecommunications and hospitality companies since 2010. It currently has more than 1,400 clients across Canada and the U.S., according to its website, with Axsit representing its first entry into the VoIP market.

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