Alexa has become an expert on prescription drugs.

Reformulary Group, a healthcare technology group, launched a first of its kind Alexa voice skill called DrugFinder, allowing Canadians to research their prescriptions and save money by finding the best combination of clinical and cost-effectiveness.

Users can ask Alexa if there are better options for a certain drug, what specific drugs actually treat and how expensive they are. DrugFinder taps into its library of research and expert advice comprised of medical minds to curate a list of drugs reviewed and handpicked by those experts.

All of it is accessible for free, said Helen Stevenson, Reformulary Group founder and CEO, and the addition of voice capabilities simply makes using the app easier.

“We created DrugFinder to empower consumers and help them make smart drug choices,” said Stevenson. “Alexa takes ease-of-use to the next level, so Canadians can access our expertly curated list of drugs using their voice at no cost.”

The existing DrugFinder app lets users search a drug that’s been prescribed to them and receive a list of similar drugs that are reviewed and handpicked by the company’s committee of medical experts.  Users can also keep track of their medications in DrugFinders virtual Medicine Cabinet and sign up for alerts about alternative drugs and new drugs on the market.

The DrugFinder app with Alexa skills is available now on the on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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