Visa to use Facebook page, real elevator for $10K startup contest

Visa will give $10,000 to the winners of a startup contest that will involve riding an elevator, filming a video and attracting votes on a Facebook page.

The Visa $10,000 Elevator Pitch contest will run from today until June 17 and forms the basis of the credit card firm’s marketing efforts around its GoBiz Facebook page launch. Contestants will upload a 60-second video describing their idea to the page, and voting will take place via Facebook until July 11. Ten finalists will make their pitches in person to a panel of judges which includes Freshii founder Matthew Corrin, Founder and CEO, Doug Burgoyne, co-founder and president of Frogbox Inc. and Les Affaires editor-in-chief Stéphane Paquet. The pitches will happen in an actual 49-floor elevator at the One King West Hotel on July 16.  

To get ideas on how to prepare a pitch, look back at’s own elevator pitch contest, which ran last year.  

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