VideoRewind: Networking DemoCamp-style

Today, lawyer and technology entrepreneur Monica Goyal, founder of the Toronto-based online legal service called My Legal Briefcase, talks to use about three noteworthy Canadian start-ups she ran into at the recent International Startup festival in Montreal.

One of the companies she mentioned was Top Hat Monocle which she previously encountered in a DemoCamp. What’s a DemoCamp?

DemoCamp is an informal networking event which spun off BarCamps – a sort of “grassroots-driven, wiki-aided, free-for-all, ad hoc networking, gabfest that started becoming popular in Canada sometime in 2006.

These “un-conference” events are very powerful and cheap functions that enable many budget constrained technology professionals and start-up owners share information with others, speak about the solutions, find potential partners or potential investors.

Camps helped launch FreshBooks into a successful start-up and helped Toronto’s transit commission improve its Web site.

Brian Jackson last year, spoke with with DemoCamp founder David Crow and ChangeCamp founder Mark Kuznicki about the collaborative style of meeting in this video. For the full story go to ‘Camps’ bring nerds together to solve problems in unique ways


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