Video Rewind: What you need to know about the anti-spam law

It’s been a long time coming, but Canada has finally passed its very own anti-spam legislation.

We may be behind the U.S., Australia and Europe in creating a better legal framework to deal with spam, but the experts seem to agree that it’s a good law that could have a real impact against unsolicted commercial messages. Almost as long as e-mail has been used, spam has been driving users crazy by flooding inboxes with unwanted junk mail. That problem has now spun out to social networking platforms and even mobile phones via SMS messages.

But what does that mean for businesses doing legitimate e-mail marketing? Should we expect that all spam will not stop in Canada? The answers to those questions and more were addressed by Matt Sergeant from Symantec Hosted Servics (formerly MessageLabs) in Oct. 20009 when he dropped by the video studio for a discussion. Now that the law is passed, we figured you might want to brush up on it.

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