Video Rewind: Use iTunes with non-iPod devices

As we reported today, the Canadian Private Copying Collective is seeking a new levy on microSD memory cards imported to Canada.

The collective has a mandate to collect levies charged on media used to copy music and distribute the funds to Canadian artists. According to the CPCC, when you buy a song on a CD, you’re not also buying the right to make multiple copies of it – similar to how when you buy a software disc, you are usually buying a licence to install that software on one PC. But when you buy songs on iTunes, you have the legal freedom to copy those songs to as many devices as you want – it’s built into the licence.

If you don’t use an iPod, you can still use iTunes to manage your music and copy it to your other devices (even if they use microSD card storage). This video shows how:

Extend the use of iTunes to other devices.

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