Video Rewind: Rogers’ business services line-up

World of Warcraft players were dismayed to learn that Rogers Communications throttles their connections and makes gameplay more laggy than it should be.

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It’s not that Rogers was purposely trying to delay that spell your warlock was trying to cast, it’s an unintended side-effect of the Internet service provider’s throttling of peer-to-peer traffic such as BitTorrent. It turns out Blizzard, the game’s developer, uses peer-to-peer file transfers to deliver updates to their beloved game. So when players are receiving updates or downloading BitTorrent files while playing Warcraft, they are suffering a bandwidth hit. Rogers says it’s working to find a solution, but won’t be able to implement one until June.

While Rogers’ in this case is dealing with a mostly consumer issue (unless you work as a World of Warcraft gold farmer), the company does of course offer many business services that include Internet and mobility services. Here’s a round-up of services that talked to Gordon Stein, VP of business segment at Rogers, about in September 2010.

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