Video Rewind: How to raise venture capital money for your tech startup

Drumming up investment dollars often seems to be a Herculean task for Canadain small businesses.

Dan Shimmerman is the founder of Varicent Software and he dropped by to share some fundraising tips after skimming a cool $35 million out of the recession-tightened wallets of venture capitalists in late 2009. The tips are still relevant today, even as the economy improves and investors become optimistic, as startups always need to be ready to prove they are a worthy investment.

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Varicent continued to succeed in 2010, signing up 30 new customers and releasing Varicent 7, the latest version of its incentive compensation management and sales perfomrance management products. It was also ranked number one by Profit Magazine in a listing of Canada’s fastest growing companies. Shimmerman is interviewed here in a December 2009 video from the archive.

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